Friday, December 12, 2008


So much can change in 6 hours.  I just got a message from Casey, one of my best friends, that her dad passed away early this morning.  If you are reading this, she would love prayer I am sure of it.  I feel kind of in a state of sleepless vulnerable shock right now.  She had suspected this would happen eventually, but not now, not this soon.  It stirs up this anger in me of course, because of seeing my own dad die of the same thing.. It makes you realize that we really are a vapor.  We aren't promised tomorrow.  God doesn't owe us tomorrow.  Even in knowing that statement, and hearing it a thousand times, it doesn't make it any less real when it happens.  I can also look and see the hand of God in all of this.. If I lift myself up high enough to see the aerial view, I can see so many more awnsers in regards to the timing of Casey and Casey getting married, the amazing healing that I have seen wash over her since they got married.. I could go on for so long.  It makes me really want to trust Jesus with my whole very life.  And I can.. So can you..
So today I leave you with this... Remember that you are like a flower of the field.. Here today, and gone tomorrow.  Love today, love the here and the now, and don't live in regret.  God is not distant.  All we have to do is call on him, and surrender.

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