Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ice Ice, Baby!

The title says it all.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, I just slammed my car in to a wall.  All parties involved are fine. (Aka, me and the wall... neither of which have medical insurance at the current moment) I am sitting at the lovely hotel with Elvis the small dog that I am tolerating (you all know how fond I am of small dogs...) most of them to me are just like overgrown rats, but I'm kind of enjoying the King.  He jumped up on me when I woke up and snuggled with me and gave me sweet Christmas puppy loving. I was quite happy. Now I'm getting ready to eat again (for the 20th time today) or should I say nibbling.. there have been random plates of assorted pastries lying around all day, and after much mental deliberation, I gave in to the "I will not eat crap" battle. I guess its not a battle worth fighting the day before Christmas. I wish you could all see my ridiculous snowboot/crazy tight/dress combo I have going on at the current moment. It is unique to say the least. But its fun, and its totally me. I just found out that I get to go to Wilmington the 3rd week of January to be with the Carrs. I'm beyond happy. Well, Angie and I are going downstairs for wine and macaroni and cheese. Have a wonderful evening!

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