Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Story

It all began in Atlanta, GA. John was playing bass with the same band as Therese's good friend Andrea. Andrea had no way to get home to Wilmington, NC and asked Therese if she would want to come to Atlanta and spend a few days there while they finished up playing for a youth conference, and then drive back to Wilmington together. Therese gladly loved any opportunity to leave the Charlotte city limits for any reason and gladly agreed. Therese hopped in her faithful blue Corolla with her good friend Kaitlin and spent the weekend with the band in Atlanta. After the first night of worship there, everyone was loading gear in the parking lot as a mysterious red Volvo station wagon approached Therese and Kaitlin. The words "Hey, do you know anyone that needs to buy a car?" came humming out the window of the volvo. Therese immediately replied "YES"!!! Her good friend Mandy had been looking for a car to no avail, and Therese was thrilled at the idea of a potential seller. They spent the next 20 minutes or so talking about the specs of the car, while Therese secretly wanted to buy the car for herself and trash the Corolla. After a few more moments of awkward parking lot conversation, Therese was informed that she would be following the red volvo to the Waffle House for a fun filled night of hash browns. I would love to tickle your fancy and say that they sat in the Waffle House booth together and gazed in to eachother's eyes while eating their hash browns covered and smothered, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, they were both distracted by other love interests in other cities and didn't even have the batteries installed in their love meters. So the whole band plus Therese and Kaitlin spent the next day shopping at Atlantic Station and awkwardly ended their excursion in the abandoned parking lot across from a local prison after they spent an hour and a half trying to locate the Coca Cola Factory. Therese was actually greatly annoyed having been lost in about 15 sketchy neighborhoods in Atlanta and just wanted to get on I-85 and head back to Charlotte for the night. So after a long drawn out goodbye, the girls all got in Therese's car and went back to Charlotte.


Besides the fact that John requested Therese and Kaitlin's friendship on Facebook, I'm sad to inform you that it was the bitter end of the story my friends. That is, until about one year later.
Now let me just preface you with the fact that John and Therese had hardly any communication throughout that year. They were both distracted with other things, and weren't even a blip on eachother's radars. One day Therese noticed that John had commented on one of her status updates on Facebook. She responded back and didn't think anything of it. Then it happened again. This time she said something to him. And then it began to go back and forth and back and forth. Before they knew it, they were having "full blown conversations" pretty much every 2 hours. Therese began to find herself in a constant state of laughter because of this mystery man who understood her sense of humor as they would interact. He was just as weird as she was. This was a rare find! So it all started to go downhill on a fateful Monday night as Therese found herself stranded in her town home due to Tropical Storm Nicole. She was very frustrated being stuck at home while the winds of change violently blew rain at her window pane. As she sought for a remedy to cure her cabin fever, she began playing old episodes of Rescue 911 on Youtube and then posting them on Facebook. As soon as she posted an episode about a man being bit by his pet Asian Albino Cobra, John Romero came to the rescue. He began instantly talking about snakes and jelly fish, and commented about how this video clip was "such a touching reenactment with such neatly trimmed facial hair." This sent Therese rolling right off her memory foam in laughter. And she didn't get up for 3 days. Yes, the storm continued for days and days. And with every passing night of rain and wind, the mysterious man from Texas sent the corn fed girl from southwest Ohio in to a lovesick frenzy. Okay, so maybe that's jumping the gun a little bit- but not by much.
And so the interaction continued. By this time, Therese (being a girl) was reading in to things. (All girls read in to things, guys!) Every time Therese would say something on Facebook, John would either reply with an opinion or a solution. In fact Therese began to catch on to this, which meant that she found herself posting more status updates than in her entire Facebook career.
John, (being a man) was not reading in to things yet. After this continued on for several weeks, Therese (being a girl) wanted to know if she was crazy for reading in to things, and was beginning to wonder if John might be interested in her. After this had been going on for about a month, Therese found herself in Knoxville, TN in a car with her good friend Andrea. Andrea then informed her that she had been "noticing" that her and John had been talking all the time and that she thought that it was basically "the greatest idea ever." This caused Therese a great deal of relief, and affirmed that she was not indeed insane. Then Andrea and her soon to be fiance Will stepped in to full matchmaking mode. Andrea and the rest of the band were getting ready to fly to Portland, for several gigs in Oregon and Washington. She didn't know that this was actually a surprise engagement trip for her that would end in Seattle with all of her family flying in to surprise her after Will proposed. All she knew was that John was going to be on that trip, and immediately tried to get me to come on the trip with them.
This would have been a wonderful idea if Therese wasn't already scheduled to watch Andrea's little sisters while her parents secretly flew out to Seattle for the proposal. So Therese had to make up a story about how she couldn't fly out there because of work. So by this point, John and Therese had switched from Facebook to email. They emailed eachother basically every 2 hours, and talked about their days and told childhood stories. It was awesome! Therese informed John that although she was unable to come on the Portland trip, that she would be in Springfield, Il on the next trip that she knew they would be on. Now John was not originally scheduled to be on this trip.. but with Will and Andrea in full matchmaking mode, Will quickly convinced everyone putting on the conference that they desperately needed a bass player. And not just any bass player... only John Romero would be acceptable.
Now John, being a man has not read in to things up until this point. He had come to realize that he enjoyed talking to Therese all day long, but not much more than that. But as the days passed, he started noticing that he didn't even pay attention to potential prospects anymore. As another week passed by, John was in his shop filling a work order late one night. He found himself leaving his press about every 5 minutes to check his phone to see if Therese had sent him an email. He realized he had been doing this for days now. And then, he had a moment. He said to himself that "if I don't marry this girl, I'm crazy."
One week later they both headed to Springfield Illinois for their first meeting since Atlanta. They met at baggage claim in the St. Louis airport in a state of awkward, blissful insomnia. They got in the Tahoe with Will and Andrea talked the whole car ride to Illinois.
The rest is pretty much history. As soon as they got in the same room together they realized they had passed their chemistry exam with flying colors. Within 48 hours they decided that there was "nobody else in the world" besides eachother.
Their friends tried to send them off on their first date to a fancy italian restaurant. They got lost, split a burrito bowl at Chipotle and decided on that date that they were going to get married. They immediately started assessing the sum of the household items that each of them owned.
The one thing that both of them were so amazed by was the "easy yoke" of all of this. Neither of them had ever had this kind of peace, this kind of incredible assurance. Even knowing that trials are sure to come in their lives, there was a sweet knowing, and a still small voice that silenced every other one that had always previously come in with doubt and fear and insecurity. This is good news. And its just the beginning of a story that God is writing with our lives. He is ridiculously good to us, and loves to give good gifts to His children!
So fast forward 2 months later. John drove from Texas to Wilmington the day after Christmas to help move Therese to Ohio so that she could prepare for their wedding that they wanted to have in April. They made the snowy trek up the east coast to New York where John proposed to Therese in Washington Square on January 3rd :)
So this is beginning of our journey! We would love for you to join with us on April 30th celebrate our marriage. Each one of you is dear to us, and we would love for you to be a part of this day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

He liked it, so he put a ring on it!