Thursday, December 11, 2008


     Its 3:37 in the morning.  Do you know where your kids are?  Ha.. Im a slight insomniac tonight.  Partly by choice, partly a fluke.  I'm very glad I stayed up tonight though, because I got to talk to my sister Marysa for awhile on Facebook chat.. And as impersonal as chat can be sometimes, at other times I am grateful to have a line of communication when things are hard to talk out on the phone. It was good to even talk to her for the 15 minutes that we got.. For that, I would stay up another 24 hours and get no sleep.  Some things are just worth losing sleep over, ya know?
     I worked tonight.  I love the holiday season at my job.  Mostly because we get to change up the God awful lighting a bit, and make it look more cozy and inviting.. I've really been getting in to all the songs and santa hats, and Elf watching this year. I feel like a 5 year old in a lot of ways. And like it... Hey, were supposed to become like little kids if we want to inherit the kingdom, right? Well, why not start on the job.  I was waiting on one of my regulars tonight, Mr. Gentry.. And he was telling me about the night in his life that he consumed the most Jack Daniels (some nights that I wait on him, he's spent like $140 in JD) He said he drank on of the big bottles.. I was like, "Is your liver okay?" He said, "My livers great! Its huge! I can touch any part of my body and feel my liver!" He's such a character.. I love to wait on him.. If he has his friend Skip with him, they will totally do Beavis and Butthead impressions back and forth.. Its so funny, because they are well dressed businessmen.. It just makes me smile.
     Im still in the process of working on all of my Christmas stuff to take back to the homestead.. I'm trying to get really creative with everything this year. So far, Marysa is the only one I've bought anything for.. And its a really cool gift...
     Last but definitely not least... God is so cool.  He never leaves us.. He's been speaking to me all week about Hosea, and how he went and took a wife of unfaithfulness.. And no matter how much she cheated on him and went after other lovers, he still went after the woman he loved. I so often times find myself relating to Gomer.. Running after other lovers that I think will satisfy.. But God told me that he is going to unfold in my life before me, like the book of Hosea.. a work so deep that I will be in awe, because I already know I didn't earn or deserve it.  Such cool stuff.. Big God.. Bigger than I grasp as I write this.. Well, its 4 in the morning.. I need to sleep.. Love you all... Sleep tight, world!

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