Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This has been a morning of extreme searching for me. Extremely scattered searching, that is. I decided to take a slight detour from the land of job resume templates into the great land of "other job" ideas. Other jobs meaning ones that might potentially pay much less than what I would currently be applying for in the realm of fine dining. My internet search has gone something like this:

The book of 2 Peter (Bible Gateway)
www.ihop.org (a good hour of webstream backround)
List of jobs in food service (Craigslist)
List of other jobs (Craigslist)

(Selah)- accompanied with mental dilemma and momentary thoughts of going back to school.

www.ihop.org- one more hour of webstream.
best banana bread ever (All recipes)
Thoughts of opening a bakery (my head)
State Board of Cosmetology Website of Texas- Possible license transfer ideas swimming through my head accompanied with stronger thoughts about how much one cut and highlight already destroys my back in one day.
Looking through wedding photos again and reminiscing. Awwwwwe.
A few aimless moments of Facebook.


So here we are. Here I am. This has always been one of life's biggest battles for me. Figuring out what I was made to do. So while I'm waiting for the answer, I will bake my husband some banana bread and start my baking blog.


Lora said...

i think that one of the things that you were made to do you're already doing - baking your husband banana bread. :) -being an excellent wife and a wonderful helpmate. :)
love you friend

Therese Rogie said...

Large sigh of relief. love you too!