Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh praise the maker, we officially have a place to dwell in! We are thankful, and (I) had a celebratory margarita (or 2) and John had some queso. I think I was actually so celebratory and thankful that I overdid it a little bit on the margarita and forgot that I hadn't eaten much during the day. By the end of the meal, I was loudly explaining to my husband "I know that I act like I don't like cheese dip but OH I DO! I just have talked myself in to not liking it, but I used to eat BIG bowls of it in high school all the time!" I proved this to him by occasionally dunking my taco chicken chunks in to the little remaining queso that he had not already conquered. I will admit that it is the truth- when I am not living in denial I will be the first one to admit that I used to chop up large bricks of Velveeta topped with picante salsa and then nuke it for 1:30 and finish that puppy off with a bag of tostitos.

(It is the morning and I no longer like cheese dip)

So the plan is that tomorrow morning we will go meet the Landlord and sign our lease and all of that good stuff, and then hopefully start moving by the beginning of the week. The most amazing thing about this new place is that we stumbled upon it by accident, while looking at the other side of the duplex. Yes, that's right folks. After all of the searching here and there and everywhere, we "accidentally" stumbled upon this place. Not only is it exactly what we needed (and had stopped looking for) but it is way closer to downtown, in a much better neighborhood, and $100 less than what we would have been paying at the Doris house. Not to mention that it won't cost nearly as much to cool the place, since it is smaller.

So today there is fresh grace upon me to begin the packing process once again. It took awhile after moving twice in 2 days to even be able to get back in to that state of mind, but BOOM SAUCE it is on!

Pictures soon to follow!

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