Friday, June 17, 2011

thankfulness on a thursday

Once upon a mid-summer's eve Brother John was off to worship practice to strum his chord for the Lord.

Brother John's ravished bride Therese requested to be dropped off at Victoria's Secret instead of attending worship practice.

Brother John did not argue with this request.

The ravished bride had not had her hand in the "Sale Panties Bin" for more than 2 minutes, when Brother John's ringtone went chiming through her purse.

Brother John had called Sister Therese with such swiftness that the first picture that flew in to her head was this:

Sister Therese was filled with joy when the words that came out Brother John's mouth were something like this:

Sister Therese was so elated that she decided to celebrate.

And celebrate some more.

The end of the story goes something like this.


Lora said...

you make me laugh :) - that first photo made me laugh out loud

Therese Rogie said...

The guitar or the large sweaty black man?