Saturday, June 25, 2011


We have officially been in our new place of dwelling for 5 glorious days. Most of the week has been spent unpacking and trying to figure out how to arrange the living room and dining room (they are both one enormous room) We even considered making it one huge music room, considering our lack of furniture coupled with our abundance of amps and guitars. I cooked us our first meal in our new house last night, which was spaghetti squash and spinach pasta with my bacon sauce. To my extreme delight, John loved the spaghetti squash even more than the pasta and even asked me why I put parmasean cheese on his (butter and cheese were my sneaky ploy to convince him that spaghetti squash is truly amazing) It was a plan that backfired but ended beautifully, because now there is another food to add to the grocery list that my husband actually loves.

We have made it through some intense times for 56 days of marriage, but I can say that I thoroughly delight in my husband. He is wonderful and sweet and kind, and I don't even care anymore that he is well on the way to growing his first marital beard. As long as he shaves the "neck beard" that accompanies the growth of a real beard we are golden. I think the thing about beards that creeps me out, is that I've always wondered how many leftover meals are really hiding in those things. But John has thoroughly educated me on proper beard maintenance, which respectively includes shampooing the beard on frequent occasions.

Last but not least, I must add that it is a liberating experience being able to run around the house in only your underwear. This is the first time that I have been able to do that in years! I could have gotten away with it living with my mom in the months of wedding preparation in Ohio, but it was so freaking cold I barely ever took my coat off! Before that, I was always living with a bunch of people that would have told me to put my clothes back on, BUT not so with your husband. Husbands not only allow cooking in your underwear but they highly encourage it. So the combination of 100 degree Texas heat and living with a man, my "wear underwear all the time dreams" have come true indeed. Thank you Lord!

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Lora said...

i wanna see pictures of your house! :)