Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am laying in bed eating part of a vegan brownie at the current moment. Not that I'm this big advocate for becoming vegan or anything. Actually, I would highly discourage a person to become vegan, unless they have some "grandioso" idea to supplement protein in to their diet besides the typical soybeans. Soy is not my friend anymore. Not only does it do weird things to my stomach, but apparently it can provide women with a dose of unnecessary estrogen which I know I certainly am not in need of. Actually, there is a girl that I know who was trying to get pregnant for years, and had been a vegetarian for years. One day, she just kinda felt like she was supposed to stop eating soy. She was pregnant within 2 weeks. So.. That was all kind of random, but hopefully informative for anyone who has been unsuccessful at getting pregnant (a category under which I am not a current member).
So I have no real plans for the day today. I am on the mend, and ready to go back to work. I just happened to have the days off that I was sick, and go back in tomorrow. I really wish I was on tonight, though. I don't like having too many days off work in a row. I get aimless, and therefore my mind goes in to a spin. This is never good, and structure IS GOOD dang it! So my goal for the day is to get some sort of reading accomplished.. I might go back to Ephesians 6 and do a silent skit about putting on the armor of God. Maybe I should get up every day, and reach in to my closet and actually physically put it on. Not only would it crack me up, but maybe it would actually work. Maybe. I need to go find a swimsuit sometime in the next few weeks for my beach excursion. Gosh I can't wait to see donkey's running in to the ocean, or a hog riding in the back of a Daihatsu Truck (a south korean brand car that isn't even legal in the US) OR to haggle down the vendors on various Dominican accessories. This time I plan on keeping my skirt on, ha ha. (I had a wrap around skirt fall off of me in a store in Sosua when I was 17, and it was literally so hot outside that I didn't even know that the skirt had fallen off!)
Well, I'm off for now for the adventure that today may hold. Grace and peace to everyone!

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