Thursday, February 5, 2009


As I just opened up my blog page, I had slightly forgotten that there was a picture of a "rock star" tampon there. It was too brilliant to pass up, with its stage lighting and all. I just got home from an extremely long night of work. The goal of this weekend is to wait on extremely high maintenance men that work/trade in high fashion. They basically rent out the whole hotel, and show off their lines for the fall, and sell to major department stores, network, etc. So what does that mean to us? The entire weekend, we get to serve the PICKIEST people on the planet. I'm talking, everything that comes out on a plate has had some sort of modification. "Can I please get that filet with no seasoning or steak butter", or "you are just such a doll, can I get some more pinot grigio sweetheart"? Now these may not seem like outlandish requests, but when they don't give you a second to think before they're sending you back to the kitchen once again for the next pain in the ass request---well---it gets a little frustrating. But on the flipside, they are extremely good tippers if you take care of them, and they have the most hilarious high end men's clothing selection around. I mean, they take the word daring to a whole new level. Well, other than working all weekend, I have nothing else to say. I have sold myself to Omaha for the rest of the weekend. So if you don't hear from me again until next week, that may be why. Other than that, tomorrow is my day to kick it in to high gear for the Dominican beach. I know crash dieting is really unhealthy, but half the time thats what everyone is doing when they say they are fasting.. So instead of labeling it fasting, I'll call it what it is. I am crash dieting until March 4th. I would love to lose like 15 pounds before the beach. But in all reality, that is like 3 1/2 weeks, and not looking promising. So, oh well.. If I get the spark of motivation, I guess I'll try and go all out. Whatever. Maybe I should just break my bathroom scale instead. Like, really smash the shit out of it somewhere. It could be liberating for a moment.... until I went out to buy a new one... Well anyway, I have to work 12 hrs tomorrow, so I'm out. Later.

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