Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oatmeal Cookies

     So I have decided that the only thing better than my mom's oatmeal cookies is MAKING them. Which is what I'm highly considering doing this lovely (cold) Carolina evening. Yes, I know its almost 1 in the morning, but I am a night owl, and am choosing to take advantage of it... So maybe I will plug Mr. Laptop in to my lovely kitchen speakers and have a time. (or maybe not, I will let you know tomorrow.)
     Work tonight was awesome. I was in and out in 4 hours, with not one slight altercation with either a customer, employee, boss, or anything. Maybe it was from the woman who "randomly" laid hands on me in the hotel bathroom while I was tucking my shirt in for work.. Who knows? But there was much peace in the midst of a quite chaotic night. Thank GOD. 
     I took advantage of my lovely Planet Fitness membership again today. I actually went there today, because I was literally so mad about something that had transpired over the last few days, that I needed to take my aggression out something. It was a good plan, and now hopefully the chocolate cake won't show up. 
     I am leaving on Saturday (Lord willing) to go to Wilmington to be with 1/2 of the Carr's. I am stoked like a Cuban Cigar at the thought of it. AHHHHH! 
     I have a nasty gash in the side of my right thumb at the moment. It hurts, and Neosporin isn't helping. My hands just get so dry in the winter that they split open for no reason... Only my mom probably understands this like I do.
     Well, I'm off to make something in the kitchen. Pray for mercy on those cookies... Later.

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