Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ashes for Beauty?

     Sometimes I think God is laughing at me. I mean, I'm sure He laughs at lots of people on many various occasions, but I mean this with much sincerity of heart, that I think He laughs at me often. And doesn't take me nearly as seriously as I tend to take myself. He isn't up there in the sky, evaluating my progress as a human. He doesn't love like that. Thank God. Ha. And I think He wants to drill in to me that its not about my ability to measure up and be successful in the world and in the church to be counted as the one He loves. He doesn't operate like that. We are made in His image, but dang we are quite far away from walking in that real revelation of just being loved, and therefore being able to receive love. He remembers that we are like grass, that we are made from dust. 
     So I don't have a ton of other stuff to tell you tonight, so I'll leave you with this... I was finishing up my night at work tonight, and this melody came to my head... I was singing it while doing my sidework.. "Take this beauty and turn it in to ashes." I kept singing it over and over, until I realized what I was saying. And then I stopped. And I thought about it for a minute. It was such a true thing that was coming out of my mouth. He gives us beauty for our ashes.. And then alot of times, we take the beauty He has given us, and try an exchange it again for ashes. And then He turns the verse around, and gives it back. and then we switch it around, and then He switches it back. So I went from singing, "I take this beauty and turn it in to ashes, I'm yours, oh God.. I'm yours, Oh God." Then it went to "Would you take my ashes and turn them in to beauty once more, oh God, once more, oh God." Then in my car I started hearing, "I have overcome the world.. I have overcome." So much truth and understanding to search out in just a few lines of a song.. I need to pull out my guitar and work on it (unless a piano graces me with its presence quickly!) So I'll let you know how it goes.  Well, I'm out for the night. No bad words for this entry, you all are so sad I'm sure! Grace and peace.

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