Friday, September 5, 2008

My Night

Today was a good day.  Or I really should say, a good night.  The day part was me being in pain (my stomach was just not my friend today) I walked in to Morningstar with an attitude in my heart, not quite wanting to be there, even though I was excited Jonathan Helser was leading. I had zero expectation in my heart for the Lord to meet me, and I half thought He didn't want to. I wanted to eat my dark chocolate espresso beans in peace, by myself, dangit. But I made a non emotional decision to go stand off to the side of the stage, and "fake my way in the gates of thanksgiving." I felt absolutely nothing for about the first 10 minutes.. And then the river started to flow.. And then the dam broke. I started to laugh and smile and after about 20 minutes, I was simultaneously laughing and weeping at the same time. By the time they were ready to do the offering, I could barely stand on my feet it was so thick. I think I about fell on Claire's leg, and had my head laid on Molly's leg for the next 10 min. after that. I had no idea going in just how desparately bad I needed that. How much I needed Him.  And I had it in my head that He didn't and wouldn't really show up for me tonight. I haven't had 45 minutes like that since the beginning of the breakout meetings in April. It was such a tangible, powerful presence of God's love for me.  I am so thankful.  It was so needed.  I need Him.  
The art show was fun.  Lots of art and friends, old and new.  I have really enjoyed meeting new people.  Its such a new season. Wow.  We ended the night at Sir Ed's (surprise, surprise) with the usual jerk nachos.  Now its off to bed for another full night tomorrow night.  John Mark's CD release party at the Visualite, and then a Headlamp Dance Party afterparty.  I need to get up in the morning and buy a headlamp, and then take some dance lessons by tomorrow night.  And the Greek Festival tomorrow.. I can't forget about the Greek Festival.  Baklava and honeypuffs never have let me down.. Have a stunning evening, and a breakfast filled morning to all who read these words.

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