Thursday, September 4, 2008

Instant Replay

It is 2 in the morning. I should be asleep, but am awake, nevertheless. So I will try and say something profound, even though my brain is mush about now. Okay..... wait for it.... here it comes... crap I forgot. Nothing profound, so I'll recap my day. I woke up, went on a cleaning and organizing frenzy after a whole pot of french pressed gazebo... I daydreamed and played music while doing so. I listened to Great River Road, and started missing Clare. I drove to Southpark dreaming of a new shirt, and everything was a million dollars (surprise, surprise.. even clearance can be pricey) I went to work, and consumed way too much MORE coffee, leading to virtual heart palpitations (not a good thing) I talked to Em for a long time tonight, which was the highlight of my ordinary day.. I was so excited that Heather had a 2 hour labor, and a GIRL! And a beautiful baby at that.  I delighted (somewhat) in the fact that God orders my steps. I have to really grasp on to that one by faith, sometimes. In my own brain, I'm like, "are you actually in all of this?" And He so kindly reminds me that he is.. And that He will be.. And that He has been.. And will continue to be. He is so kind. He doesn't have to be so kind, but I'm so glad he is. I've been stirred lately to start writing down some of the testimonies of "God Things" that I've seen in the Lord. Ill try and remember the really fun ones, for all of your viewing pleasure. Well, grace and peace to everyone, I'm out. Like a light...

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