Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clean Hands

I am standing right now in awe of the goodness of the Lord.  He has been so kind to me in my life. It has nothing to do with my ability to perform, or to earn His love. Its His kindness that draws us to repentance. I am in awe of the change of the seasons, and how quickly they can indeed change. I didn't believe a few months ago that I would ever come out of the previous season (which seemed like a never ending winter) I am being drawn back to my first love.. He melts my heart like wax.  Its so good. 
I've been thinking so much lately about the day the Lord first met me when I was 18.. I was ambushed by the LOVE of God in a place of complete rebellion. I was throwing a fit, trying to get my way, and I got completely gripped by love. And I've realized that the most amazing feeling about that day that I met the Lord (7-8-00) was the overwhelming purity that washed over me. Everything was pure. And I had grounds to be pissed off. I had just watched my dad slowly for the last 3 years.. I hated church, and thought that God was a fascist dictator who threw lightening bolts and was sending me to hell with a smile on His face... This is what I learned in church, people! So when you get a real encounter with the LIVING God, it changes everything. I would sometimes just sit when we would have movie nights, and daydream about the purity of the Lord, and how I was still in shock months later of how clean I knew I was. Thats what happens when He takes up residence in you. He moves in. Never leaves. Thats what we really want. We want people to loves us, and to never leave.  He's the only one who can really live up to that standard. I am so thankful for clean hands and a pure heart. And He even stays when we go out and play the harlot and chase after other lovers. He is in His love for His children. 
I don't even know if many people read this, but I encourage you to take a moment today and meditate on what He has rescued you from. You overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of your testimony. You never know.. Your words over someone elses life could potentially be the thing that breaks off the power of the enemy. If you're reading this and feel like you're stuck and have never heard from God, just do what my friend John did many years ago.. Say "God, if you're real, show yourself to me." He really will.

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