Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pinotage and Trust

     Well here I am at 2 in the morning, awake again. Surprise, surprise. Here was my day in short. Woke up from the first incredible nights sleep in weeks. Ate Cream of Wheat (gotta get the iron somehow) Went to the gym and decided after 15 minutes on the cross trainer that today was just not the day for it. Cut Deborah's hair. Went to work. Tasted some killer wines from South Africa. Watched The DNC and am SO ready for someone to get elected, so I can stop hearing about it all day long. (besides hillary, it is such a man sport) had dark chocolate espresso beans.... And am sitting here WONDERING why I'm still awake.. Hmmmph..
     The Lord is good.. He's in control. He is teaching me once again, how to trust... lean... rest.... Its hard to do when the world teaches you that you've gotta "get yours" and manipulate all situations.. Its much easier to do that.. But so much more rewarding to trust. So heres my toast to trusting.. Amen, Im off to dreamland.

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