Thursday, August 21, 2008

Armor All

     Okay, so I guess this is my first "for real" post.  I woke up this morning in a very organizational mood, and decided to tackle my car with the shop vac and the armor all.. It makes me quite happy with its glossy finish, and "new car" appearance.. One day soon, I will be cleaning a for real new car, but for today, my increasingly ghetto Corolla will have to suffice. 
     It has been a really awesome couple of weeks around here.  If nothing else, there has been an increasing lightheartedness taking root in me that I've been asking the Lord for for some time now. Its funny how we ask, and we wait, and we ask, and we wait... and then we hit that point where we don't ever think its going to happen.. And then it comes and you start to wear it and step in to it... and you realize that the change is real and lasting.. not the change that I try and strive for out of performing.. but the change that only comes from putting myself in front of God and admitting that I am helpless to change without Him.. And that it really doesn't have a whole lot to do with me.. I love that about God. His ways are so other than us.. We try to wrap our minds around it, but we never quite make it all the way around. Its pretty incredible.
      My beloved Summer Olympics are coming to a close.. Well, the gymnastics anyway. It was a love hate relationship with Beijing. The judges sucked, the chinese girls were like 11, and 2 of our girls got robbed.. BUT the beam final made it all worth it. I think I may have had tears in my eyes I was so happy. I NEVER get worked up over a game, but I guess when you play a sport for half your life, and its part of your childhood.. ya know.. 
     Well, the grand and final conclusion of this blog, is that I need to stay as far away from Target as I can. You can't go in for "just a shirt." Its impossible.. And I'm usually really good with money.. So I'm staying away from there.. Okay, gotta get ready to leave.. Grace and Peace.

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welcome to blogger! I look forward to this.