Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trusting and Shopping

     I am awake at a weird hour once again, so I guess Ill take advantage of the time and update this thing.  It has been an interesting week. Lots of swirl going on in my brain. Mostly the swirl is really good, most intriguing to me. The other part of it that I would usually call bad, is mostly a place that is learning how to trust that God is REALLY in all of it. Like, to the very fiber of my being in it. I have a hard time of that sometimes. Its much easier to control things than to relinquish our control to the Father, and believe that He really does order our steps. Actually in the long run, its much easier to just trust Him and get on with it, than to control your own life. What does that song say? "I give up control of my life and my destiny, I give up control right now." Its true. And its also easier said than done. 
     My day off yesterday was very chill. I got stuck at Concord Mills in a torrential downpour for like 3 hours. So I just wandered around and dreamed about fall weather, and listened to the interesting array of "mall selected mid 90's music." In the meantime, the dead sea lotion people mercilessly harassed me to buy their miracle lotion and nail buffers about every 50 yards. Then there are the people 50 yards further than those 50 yards trying to grab your hair and convince you that the flat iron that you own is a piece of crap, and that try and demonstrate by giving you this look that signifies "your hair looks awful" to try and lure you in to their $100 flat iron.. I laugh now when I walk by. I'm like, dude, I do hair.. I have a GHD.. And FINALLY, they have started to leave me alone. Just don't tell those people if you own a Chi Flatiron.. You will be toast for sure.
     I spent some time with Mandy at Levi and Heathers with an assortment of lovely Cranes. It was fun.. I gave Heather a foot massage trying to trigger pressure points in her feet to send her in to labor.. Guess we'll find out soon enough! Well, peace out, I'm awake, so I might as well go out to breakfast and read. Have a wonderful day, to all who are reading this.

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Lora said...

hey tess - glad you have a blog now! i'll add you to my blogroll...
hope you're getting a nap. lora