Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Old Spice Denali

I came to the dawning realization this morning that I have been wearing less Mac eyeliner, and more of my husband's Old Spice Denali deodorant. I figure if I am going to haul and sort of purchases (even if they are from BB&B) around in this blazing heat, then I had better be wearing something that is powerful. And it is... so powerful. I currently just finished our "oh crap were out of eggs and milk" shopping trip that always ends up yielding much more than eggs and milk. I think that today was the first time in my adult life that I have sent a text message making sure it is okay that I spend a certain amount of money. I've always just had a stash of it hidden away in the bank, and I can humbly say that this is not the case anymore. Had this been 2 years ago, I would be irritated and frantic. Apparently God has worked on me since then, because I am finding myself handling that very differently. This is a good thing. I have also been trying very diligently to make it possible for us to eat healthy pretty consistently and make that a habit throughout our marriage. This can be challenging because eating healthy cost like 10 million times more than eating crap. It's a sad but true fact. I am also working on an up and coming baking blog, so I will keep you updated with that. Well, Happy July 5th, I'm off to buy produce.

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Lora said...

ooh, please do a baking blog! that would be awesome. i miss your brownies. and cookies. and everything else yummy that you made in my oven. :)