Saturday, July 23, 2011

Del Frisco's crazy training

I am dropping in with a quick hello to everyone. This last week has been absolute craziness! I have been in training at Del Frisco's for the last week, and lets just say that it is pretty much the boot camp for all serving jobs. I have approx 3-4 hours of homework every night, as well as 3 hours in the classroom, and then a 5 hour server follow. By Monday I have to show up with a perfected 2 minute shpiel that I give to every table which is a mini menu presentation. If it's not perfect they either fail you out of training or give you an extra day. It is a different universe than Omaha or the Chop House. I know that it will be rewarding, but holy cow it's intense! So that's all I know for now. If you are reading this, pray that I make it through the final week of training. Everyone says it is well worth it to get through the hellish training that is designed to weed people out that aren't really committed. And the benefits are pretty incredible, which we really need. So that's it, more coming soon.


Lora said...

praying! :)

Eva said...

That sounds intense! Just found your blog...what is it for?
Good luck!