Sunday, August 14, 2011


I thought I would take a little time to write in this thing, if anything to just let you know that I still intend to continue to do so in the near to distant future. So what to say, what to say...

Change is the only constant thing. Oh how true it is. Isn't it amazing how you can go through long seasons of time that seem eternal, and then look back on all of them and think "daaaang time goes by so fast?!" That is kind of how I am feeling right now. And as I'm sitting here even saying that, time continues to fly on by. So where do the Romero's currently find themselves? Well, still in the same house in Ft. Worth, Texas. We live 2 houses away from a convenient 7-11 and French Bakery that we have avoided caving in to up to this current point. I have been working at Del Friscos for 3 weeks now. It is the most physically demanding serving job that I have ever had (we have a basement, main floor, and upstairs) so you can just imagine how my calve muscles are growing. It is also the most mentally demanding job I have ever had. You have to be able to work smart, consolidate well, and constantly ask for help. Actually, if you don't ask for help you will totally tank in this place. They designed the entire structure of their restaurant upon making it impossible to survive without teamwork. It's pretty crazy there on weekend nights to say the least. But I have already started to see the rewards of it some nights, and I've been told that the fall and winter season is 10x better than it is right now. But the right now I find myself in is the middle of restaurant week. I will say no more than those 2 words.

I would say our biggest challenge right now has been trying to adjust our schedules to try and fit my new schedule which has me up until 1 or 2 most nights now. We're trying to figure out what to do about church as well. John plays a few Sundays a month at his home church, and it's impossible for me to go on the days he plays (he leaves at 6 am and I get home from work at 12) so were trying to figure that one out. It would be easiest for me to tell him to just go and play on the Sunday's that they want him and I will just sleep in and not go to church at all but that is of course NOT the right solution. Actually asking the Lord for wisdom would be a much better solution. We should probably get on that.

Marriage is sweet of course. I love my husband, he is incredible.

But I am exhausted. We need wisdom and a touch from the Lord. For real.

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