Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, I just suck at updating this blog lately.. I am just SO DANG sorry! :) Welllll hellllo everyone... I am currently laying in bed recovering from bad Italian food from work last night. Yes, you guessed it. Food poisoning! There is nothing like broccoli and hummus the second time around. UGH! But things are good. Life is good. There is movement, hope, faith, love.. all the good and important and fulfilling stuff.
So I don't know that I've actually said this in my blog, but I AM MOVING! Wow, there it is. I am moving to Wilmington, NC October 1 (Lord willing) with no job, no house (yet) and complete peace that it is GOOD and right. That doesn't make the trust factor easy most days, but hey, trust is really a 4 letter word (RISK) So now all of us girls are waiting for the most gracious perfect timing Jesus to give us the right house, which I am completely confident that He will do. As for what everything will look like logistically, I have no flipping idea... so I'll keep you all posted.
Other than getting ready to move, I am trying to spend my time reading the word a lot, and then working out as much as possible.. more for the "holy crap i'm really going to do this" moments then for the physical benefits.. Those endorphins do wonders for the emotional state of being.
Well, I am more goofy and random than deep and insightful tonight... Should have caught me this morning.. deep as the ocean! Well anyway, goodnight everybody, talk to you soon!

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