Thursday, May 28, 2009

my weekend

Yes... I need an alignment something fierce on my Corolla that is daily getting close to the homeland that it is truly called to live and dwell in for eternity. To be honest, I would rather just not get one done at all and just let the car die so I can get an Impreza... But being the responsible human being that I am, the "voice of reason" has prompted me to stick to plan A, and let the Corolla die of natural causes. Daaaang it. Now the beautiful thing right now, is that I have gotten quite the spiritual alignment over the last several weeks! God just really snapped my heart back in to the place where He wanted him.. To the place where I can feel the sound of His heartbeat again. When I am faithless, He remains faithful, and for that I am so thankful. I am starting see in the spirit much more clearly since all of this has taken place, and have been able to encourage people much more... This I like. Keep laying it on me, Jesus!
This past weekend was a whirlwind. Mandy and I rented a car and I drove her to Nashville to see her parents.. Oh, and on a side note, I did 2 things the day of the trip that I swore I would never do: go to the chiropractor and drive an American car. But of course I have been humbled in both situations. My back definitely felt better all week long, and we ended up with a 2009 fully loaded Ford Focus with a sunroof and Sirius Radio, black leather interior. I must admit that any car that has butt warmers AND satellite radio, AND only 10 miles on it is going to get the Tess seal of approval. We were sad to take her home to Enterprise.. But I would still never buy a Ford. (my daddy trained me well). So anyway, we spent the first night in Nashville with Mandy's family. It was fun going out the first night with Mandy and her sister in law Melanie in the downtown area... But I sure would never want to live there. I had a man come up to me on the street and try and put his paws all over me (he was clearly drunk) and I extended my arm quickly and told him I had a five foot "love leash" and he had better back off.. Mel was standing there with me, and when I walked off he said to Me;, "she knows she wants me."
The next morning after little sleep I headed the wrong way on I-40 E to Lexington Kentucky for Mia's wedding. I have decided that Google Maps just makes simple directions SO complicated. If they had just said "65 N, 168 miles" I would have been fine. But it said stuff like, "slight right to the east on 240 west, merge left after 500 feet." That combined with a lack of coffee sent me an hour out of the way. But I was having such a good time singing with the windows down to Kevin Prosch, I never even cared. Kentucky was great... actually, it is incredibly beautiful where we were in Wilmore. Its all green rolling hills and horse farms everywhere. I was a fan. The wedding was simple and beautiful. Mia was lovely. It was so fun to get to see everyone together for the first time in a long time. Richard and Miss Yokley had a lovely debate that I recorded on the iphone. Something I'll show them in about ten years or so.
We had an amazing drive both to Nashville, and back home. We stopped in Asheville to eat latin food, and saw like 6 different rainbows and almost died in a monsoon going down a mountain. We then went to a Bakery and had peanutbutter pie, where the cashier had to listen to my i "massage therapy center themed restaurant idea to help people in the food and beverage industry" idea. All I have to say is PAT THAI! Ask Mandy.... I was in rare form.
So here we are, back in Charlotte 1,700 miles later. I am a bit traveled out after the last few months... but we know that never lasts all that long. Last night we saw the new Terminator movie. It was incredibly well done, but I have this weird childhood attachment to Terminator 2 that keeps me from fully falling enjoying the new one to maximum capacity. And I really want to watch the second one again after last night. I will make that a goal of the week.
Well... Sorry this is so dang long. I'm usually much shorter about these writings, but again, I am in rare form. Grace and peace to everyone today.

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