Sunday, May 3, 2009

Costa Rica

I don't quite have the time left on this WIFI card to tell each of you hello, so I'm writing an impersonal large, mass produced piece of words for you all to read. Sorry, but internet is expensive and I have yet to see a toucan.
So, here goes.
Day 1... The counter person at US Airways was sleeping on the job as I was trying to check my bags to leave for San Jose. I decided that I should aim for another person to send all of my lovely belongings to central america. I ended up with an extremely nice man from LA who did everything in his ability to accomodate us and even upgrade our seats. Problem is, Ambien man grabbed my suitcase and tried to ship it off to Columbia in to the watchful hands of Pablo Escobars remaining heritage. I was pissed, to say the least. Sleeping beauty detagged the wrong bag, and went off to retrieve my bag to correctly tag it to San Jose. Needless to say, I didnt go through security until I saw my tag.
Got to San Jose, and Max picked us up as we waded through the drobes of masked Costa Ricans, trying to steer clear of the swine flu. We took a scenic drive through the mountains to the Doubletree Resort where we were respectively handed a chocolate chip cookie, and were reminded of the 15 places we could get bar drinks, and the other 15 food stations just to make sure we ate every 2 hours. The beach here is volcanic, and the undertoe is insane. I mean, I wont even get in that water without Jorge or Antonio to protect me.
Day 2.... We upgraded our room after the AC wouldnt cool off enough, and the light shorted out almost electricuting emily. Thank God for protection. Day 2 was chill at the pool and drink mojitos and aquire 15 new underage boyfriends in the pool. One of the fathers even offered to become my father in law to his son Adrienne. No shit. Then I think i had one too many mojitos and did my impression of a monkey in the pool for all the natives. I think they even liked it.
Day 3... We drove up in to the mountains and did a 25 cable zip line canopy tour with 2 repels. I would so do that again. Pretty amazing. Oh, did I mention that we rode horses on the way up to the top, and my horse was so stupid, all he would do was eat rocks, and lick emilys horses butt! We made some american friends, a group of middle aged women that called themselves the cougars.. They were great.
Day 4.. We went to Manuel Antonio National Park and saw white faced monkeys, crazy beaches, 3 toed sloths, bats, crocodiles, and snakes. The rainforest is unbelievable. I want to live there, you can call me Tarzan from now on. We have new friends that are our age from New York and DC. We stayed up late with them last night, and Im sure tonight will be the same. They are really cool, really laid back, and we are fans. We really love it here. It is so diverse, and the people are almost as amazing as the coffee. Have to go, more to come later.

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Lora said...

glad you're having fun - miss you guys! lora