Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gangstas Paradise

Well here I am, trapped in paradise again. (well, willingly submitting to it this time) I am here, it is pretty, I am happy to be here. It is very, very strange and deja vu like. I have 10 boyfriends, 6 of their names are Antonio. I got sick from a Dominican hot dog and was dry heaving at 6 in the morning. Embassy owns a private beach club about 1/2 a mile away that they shuttle us to whenever we want. I'm very happy about this. I met a man from Boston named Richard who wanted to buy me a drink. Once I realized he wanted me to drink in his condo, I was like, uhhh... no way never. There are lots of random animals and strange dogs running rampid. I think that may have been my dinner last night. The restaurant at Embassy is terrible. I will only eat the free breakfast. The coffee is GOOD. I was in so much shock that I drank 2 cups. Glory to God. Okay, I'm out. Miss you Lora!

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Lora said...

so glad you're there safe! been praying for you. the house is quiet without you. have an awesome time! and stay away from those hot dogs! love ya! lora