Monday, March 9, 2009

Cuban Sand Mermaid

So we are definitely having some fun down here. Probably enough fun for the whole neighborhood. We have made some friends at the hotel. (none of them is a woman) We have been hanging out with these guys since we got here (men is a better word) who I think are civilian contractors in connection with the military. They are on a job at the moment, so they aren't allowed to tell us exactly what they are doing, but they are really cool, and the guy/girl ratio is about 10 of them to one of us.. Which means we've had a lot of pina coladas and cuban cigars. And the website said that this was a bad hotel for singles! No way man. I think their entire company is staying here, and they are hysterically funny. One of them made me in to a pregnant sand mermaid holding a case of cuban cigars yesterday. We went out to dinner with 2 of them last night to a really nice italian place on the beach (which this morning I'm realizing was most definitely a date) which was slightly awkward once we were out and on the go. I thought a whole group of us was going out, but it was only us and the 2 guys we had gotten to know the best. They were sweet though, and pushed in our chairs and all that nice stuff, and were really good dates. I won't say how old they were, Lora. But I can ASSure you that there were no V-necks of skinny jeans in sight. They were as far away from metrosexual as one could venture. I think we may know the entire hotel by this point. I know they know us. We have enough one liners at this point in the game to make a full length movie. And we might.
OH. And there was one marriage proposal on the island tour. "Theresa, are you.... matrimonial? We do tomorrow. I Lovvvve you." thanks, but no thanks.

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