Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Late Sleepin'

I just woke up.. Surprise, surprise.. I have had a hard time falling asleep this week. I woke up this morning feeling almost giddy.. I love those mornings that for no good reason at all, you just wake up and are giggly and smiley.... I worked last night, and it once again followed suit with the increasingly steady amount of good nights lately. (whoa big sentence, batman) So I was really happy and really grateful to have had a steady income the last several weeks, to say the least. Gotta love that feast or famine fine dining stuff (okay so famine to me there is making like $75 a shift) but anyway, its pretty sweet.  This weekend my friend John is visiting from Nashville.. Its gonna be fun to hang out with him and all the girls.. Lora is gonna have that baby any moment now.. Everyone thinks its a boy, but me.. And I'm not completely convinced its a girl, I think I may just be having prophetic baby rebellion.. I think its kind of like a sports team.. everyone picks a side, whether you win or lose.. So I'm still rooting for the girl.. And if all else fails.. Well.. At least we know there is a baby in there.. ha. So.. To conclude all of this scattered, random, run on sentence, Tess being tired nonsense...... I like today.... I like the newness that I feel today. The newness that is available every day, but for some reason it is quite real today.. Have a lovely day, people.

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