Saturday, October 11, 2008

Slow Burning

     I have been less than consistent in keeping up with this whole blogging thing.  I've actually had alot on my mind and my heart to write about, but haven't quite completed the transaction from my brain to this post yet.  I seemed to hit a brick wall a few weeks ago with the Lord.. I mean, its funny that I even say that, because He doesn't change. He's the consistent, never changing. "yesterday today and forever," so most likely it was me that was getting distant and distracted. So I asked the Lord what to do. And to preface a few things, I was not in a place where I could handle any more prophetic words to put on the shelf in my prophetic shoebox in my prophetic closet. I needed something solid. I didn't need little signs.. I didn't need a rush of emotion to flood me.. These are generally things that I can tend to thrive on, but lets face it, we can't base our lives on these things much of the time. So I was sitting in utter frustration, asking the Lord in my mind what I should do that I could tap in to that stream where life starts to flow in me again, where I know that He's in charge and that I could trust him. I was actually sitting in the mall surrounded by chaos at this particular moment, and all I heard was "Sit before the Word, and begin to let it wash over you." And this probably seems like such an obvious thing to do, but its amazing how quickly we can forget how powerful just sitting before His word is.  Its so solid, so unchanging.. And as I began to do this, I have been tapping in to that well of life. I can't say its flowing full force, but I am beginning to feel a burning starting to take place like when you first light a fire. But this time I'm not so much after the huge flames that happen when you first light a bonfire. Those are the flames that quickly burn out. The fire I'm after is what happens when it has been burning for hours in a campfire, and those logs become that really intense, really hot, really hard to put out kind. They are steady and solid, and roast the best marshmallows. They may not be the most loud and flamboyant, or spitting out massive amounts of smoke.. But they are in there, and they are producing a slow, steady heat. I'm thinking this is a good thing.. I'll update you all soon.

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