Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I woke up with a familiar feeling.  Actually I kind of went to bed with it already marinating last night, and was not pleased to wake up to find that it was still lurking in my room or under my bed and such. I thought of giving myself over to this familiar feeling for the last couple of days.. But then I decided that it has never gone well in the past, and always ends up in some sort of disaster. This ugly lurking hanging feeling is depression.  It loves to try and hang itself over the heads of sons and daughters, telling them that what God has made clean is still just a little bit unworthy, so you might as well just throw in the towel, and give yourself over to it. The problem with this type of reasoning, is that it can't and won't ever produce any sort of fruit in our lives. It all goes back to a feeling of unfairness about our circumstances. Sometimes over things we can change, and other times over things that we have had no control over. And you want to know the one thing that will take the head off that depressive, inward, orphan spirit? Get really grateful about what you have at this very moment. Not what you had yesterday, not what you're gonna have tomorrow.. So here's a toast to gratefulness.. I'm off to St. Arbucks to find my retired marine friend, Jim. I want to hear one of his war stories.. Peace out.

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