Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Day

Today..... Oh, today... You were good to me. Many good things happened today. I woke up in my newly renovated "cave" that I am loving more and more by the day, and had eggs and broccoli (lets not forget the butter and cheese). I spent some time reading 1 Peter and Colossians which was great, and then went to work (after another pseudo-nap). We had an unexpected party of 30 walk in and bless us with their presence at work, which I was SO thankful for. And then there were a few other surprises that came today that I was ever so grateful for... but we won't talk about those in my blog... Hence the title "mostly raw and unedited".
I have been greatly surprised and encouraged over the last several weeks. God truly is way more in control than I ever gave Him credit for. There is so much hope and expectancy and PEACE reigning in my heart right now. He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask or think according to the power working in us. This is a good thing. He is the ultimate fulfiller of promises both seen and unseen. He is greater than our hearts, and truly knows everything. We don't have to be afraid to trust Him.. He is so worthy of our trust, and is able to keep us as we abide in Him.. If only that abiding thing were easy every day..
It seems as things are quickly shifting. I don't have the words to quite articulate what that means, but when you know, you know... If you know what I mean.. Ha ha. The joy joy joy joy is down in my heart (again) Down in my heart to stay! Well, if you are reading this, know that you are loved greatly tonight. By me, but mostly by Jesus.. Night, night.

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Lora said...

so happy for you