Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quite the Update

I think it is about time that I wrote an entry in here and updated you all on my crazy life. Yes, my crazy, beautiful, currently extremely wonderful life. To say that life has changed since my last entry is a complete understatement. I think if you had told me 6 months ago that I would be in love by November and getting married by next April, I would have told you to up the dosage. But here I am, telling you that I was indeed in love by November and am most definitely getting married April 30th! I am working on a blog right now trying to tell the full version of John and Therese, but its not quite complete yet.

Life at the moment is basically finishing up my job at the Chop House, packing up my life in Wilmington, and spending as much QT as possible with my family here. It is most certainly a bittersweet time having to leave people that I dearly love, but the sweet part is incredibly sweet, being able to spend the next several months making preparations to have a life with my amazing "borderline fiance" John :). Basically our plan for the next month is: possibly drive to Ft. Mill on the afternoon of Christmas Day to see Lora on the way to Knoxville; drive to Knoxville on the morning of the 26th to meet John; leave my car there and drive back to Ft. Mill with John so he can meet my family there; drive back to Wilmington either that night or the next morning; spend the 28-30 with the Carr's, and pack up everything and say goodbye; drive to Harrisburg, PA on the 30th until Jan.3rd for a New Year's Conference John is playing for; take the train to New York one of those days, since neither of us has ever been; drive to Ohio on the 4th for him to meet all of my family and friends; then somewhere in January we will drive to Knoxville to see the rest of our family there; then drive to Nashville to see my BFF thank the Lord in HEAVEN! Then John is driving back to Texas to do some work, and I am heading back to Ohio to plan a wedding with my mom. Crazy? Yes... Can we pull it off? I think so... More updates to come.

Especially one for when I get that ring on my finger!

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Lora said...

yay!!! can't wait to see you and meet your man.