Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day (aka Lora's birthday!)

Happy Birthday Lora! Normally April 15 is a rather grim day for the general American majority but your birth makes it much sweeter. And so does the fact that I spent months pretending that my taxes didn't exist in fear of owing a ton of money, and then getting back $600. I'm a pretty happy camper about that at the moment.
This week has been great so far. I have decided to just be thankful through the good the bad and the ugly, and with each passing day I have been waking up with a heart that is more and more full of love, nothing that I can explain, nothing I did anything to earn. That is the most incredible thing about grace is the moment that we are brought back to the place where we realize that it is truly free, and that there is no amount of striving or good behavior that we could ever do to earn it. So I am reveling in that revelation of true grace that I knew so well back in the beginning, and also in my $600 surprise. Okay, well I'm off to work again. Later!

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Lora said...

thanks, tess! that was sweet. and thanks for your call today. :)
congrats on your surprise 600 bucks! :) lora